Bob and Tina Pavlacka
Bob and Tina Pavlacka

Our Pastor, Robert (Pastor Bob) Pavlacka was born in January of 1958 He was raised atheist, and became involved in Drugs at a very early age. He began smoking pot by 12 years old. By 9th grade he was dealing LSD in S. Brunswick NJ, and became an IV drug user at 16. By 18 He had became a Chrystal Meth IV addict. For the next 7 years it was "run 5 crash 2" (stay high on speed for 5 days in row without sleep and very little food or water, other than alcohol and then sleep for 2 days) He spent years hitch hiking across the country from NJ to California and the Canadian border to the gulf. (Please see his testimony on Video) Living a terribly unclean life sexually and morally. His early years were "living under bridges and eating out of garbage cans."

On September 11, 1983 after a staying up all night drinking with a friend he went to Church On the Way in Van Nuys CA. It was then that he received salvation and was instantly delivered by Jesus Christ. Never to do Meth again, even cigarettes' ceased in his life from that day forward. Pastor Bob says he did not have sex again from that moment until his wedding night in July 1985 to Tina Scarpelli. They were married at Church On the Way and then moved to Broken Arrow, OK where Pastor was just starting his 2nd year at Rhema Bible Training Center. and Tina began her first year there. After Graduating they moved to Corpus Christi, TX Pastor Bob assisted Pastor Freddie Naranjo at Tabernacle of Praise. Pastor Bob in addition to being an assistant Pastor, was principle of TOPS Christian School, and a youth pastor at the church.

In Nov 1991 Pastor Bob took the Pastorate here at New Life (at that time New Life Ministries located at 518 Lawndale road in High point NC). Since coming here Pastor Bob and Miss Tina have 2 beautiful Girls Lauren (currently away at Appalachian State University) and Micah and one Grandson who are active members in the church. Pastor currently teaches at Impact University in Clemmons NC and can often be seen on WLXI TCT's "Ask the Pastor" where he been a regular pastor for 14 years.

Tina Pavlacka was born Tina Maria Scarpelli on December 16th 1963 in Vicenza Italy. The 5th of 6 children born to Dr. Sabino Scarpelli and Grace Milano Scarpelli. Raised a Roman Catholic in Southern California was an energetic child involved in sports in High School.

She hit a low point at around 18 to 19 where she was extremely depressed and suicidal. She came to know the Lord through a dear friend.

She started attending Church on the way in Van Nuys Ca, where she met Robert Pavlacka. They were married on July 20th 1985, in between Pastor Bob's 1st and 2nd year at Rhema Bible training center in Tulsa Oklahoma. She graduated Rhema Bible training in 1987.

They moved to Corpus Christi, TX where Pastor Bob was an assistant Pastor at Tabernacle of Praise. She went to Nursing school in Texas, graduated in May of 1990. They moved to High Point NC in Summer of 1991 and became Senior Pastors at New Life Ministries (name changed to New Life Family Church).

They have two Beautiful Daughters Micah Erin born April 22nd 1993, She is active in the church, works as a paralegal, and has a beautiful Son, Lincoln Robert born June 25th 2015. Their youngest daughter Lauren Ann, born March 13th 1996 will be graduating from Appalachian State University in May 2017.